Arnaud Fabre

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Born in Languedoc Roussillon, and then raised in Bordeaux, Arnaud was born into a family where all members were dedicated winegrowers and winemakers. As Arnaud’s passion grew for growing vines and making incredible wines in Bordeaux, his interest was piqued by the process of getting the product in the consumers’ hands. From here, he enrolled in the Marketing and Sales program at INSEEC University of Bordeaux.

Looking for adventure with his brother Guillaume Fabre (Clos Solene), he traveled to the United States to explore the production side of wines, which is when and where he met Chloe Asseo from L’ Aventure Winery. Arnaud’s lengthy experience in viticulture, production and as a negociant in both France and the United States lends itself incredibly when it comes to finding the greatest quality wines from the greatest vintages.



Oliver Esparham

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Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Oliver cut his teeth on a bottle of 05’ Sticks and Stones from Linne Calodo in a wine cellar in Denver. His mind was subsequently blown a few more times from wines that Don Law so graciously shared out of his cellar. He decided to quit his corporate marketing job and work for Law Estate Wines and their winemaker Scott Hawley during harvests in Paso Robles, CA.

In the off-season he worked as a wine-buyer and wine cellar consultant for a few high-end shops on the East coast, and finished his oenology and viticulture certificate with UC Davis on-line at the same time.



Sasha Verhage

Sasha is deeply entrenched in both California industries- wine and technology. With over 10 years of winemaking expertise, he has deep knowledge of the wine industry. He has over 20 years experience in high tech and user experience.

In 2011, he interned in Chateauneuf du Pape for Domaine la Barroche under Julien Barrot. Along with winemaking, design is his passion. During the day, Sasha works as the Head of User Experience of Stream Apps at Google. His inspirations comes from various sources—the fine arts and fine wines.